A Safe Space For Growth and Development

Group Therapy

Counseling Services and Support to Achieve Growth – Depending on your needs, you or your loved ones may benefit from group therapy sessions. Group therapy provides a safe and compassionate space to discuss and process shared experiences. At City Counseling Center, we provide a non-judgemental space where individuals can speak freely with other people who have shared experiences.

Group therapy is designed to help individuals process events in their lives, find meaning, and develop self-awareness by listening to others. When people with shared experiences come together, they often realize they are not alone. It can be encouraging to hear that others have experienced similar difficulties and that it’s possible to grow from the past.

Advantages of Group Therapy

Some advantages of group therapy may include:

  • Camaraderie
  • Alternative perspectives
  • Gain Accountability
  • Enhance communication
  • Self- discovery
  • Promotes social skills

A Safe Environment
For Growth and

If your divorce is consuming your life, we can help. The mental health professionals at City Counseling Center are dedicated to helping you find a positive path forward. From determining how to tell your children about the divorce and how to handle co-parenting to managing mutually shared relationships and finding mutual respect as you move on with your separate lives, we can help you during this challenging time.

At City Counseling Center, we understand there is no “one size fits all” approach to therapy. We create an inclusive space where you will feel comfortable expressing your feelings and emotions. Our therapeutic solutions are tailored to your unique experiences and background to help you live a life where happiness and accomplishment are the focus.