Counseling for Children of All Ages


Empowering Children to Develop Lifelong Skills – Providing your child with a compassionate and empathetic space to feel heard is a gift that will enhance their mental health today and throughout their lifetime. Now more than ever, we understand the importance of providing our children with the skills, support, and resources they need to live healthy, meaningful lives with joy and confidence.

At City Counseling Center, we know every child needs to feel empowered, validated, connected, and loved. Children’s therapy is designed to help your child understand and express their complex emotions and learn new additional ways to have their needs met. Counseling also helps parents piece together all of the components that make up the unique nature of their child.

A Welcoming
and Compassionate Space
to Promote Growth
and Development

If you’re feeling overwhelmed trying to conquer your child’s challenges, you are not alone. The mental health professionals at City Counseling Center are dedicated to helping your child identify and overcome the obstacles impacting their life. From behavioral challenges to processing trauma or loss, regardless of what your child is dealing with, we are here to help you through the difficulties.

At City Counseling Center, we understand that there is no “one size fits all” approach to therapy. We create an inclusive space where your child will feel comfortable expressing their feelings and emotions. Our therapeutic approaches are unique to your child’s specific needs and goals. Our team leverages their experience and diverse backgrounds to create individualized treatment plans designed to help your child manage the ups and downs of growing up.