Compassionate Support When Pursuing Adoption

Adoption Support

Expanding your family is an exciting time. Yet, adoption can present unique challenges, even long after the adoption has been finalized. It’s common for families to need support before, during, and after adoption. Pre- and post-adoption counseling can provide families with assistance for a wide range of challenges.
At City Counseling Center, we work with clients from all backgrounds to help them navigate the complexities of their adoption journey. From coping with the frustration and the challenges of the adoption process to adjusting to your child’s needs, we are here to help you. Whether you are an adoptive parent, birth parent, or adoptee, our adoption support services are designed to help you face your specific challenges, improve communication, and strengthen relationships.

How Can Adoption Counseling Help?

Like all things in life, every relationship has a natural beginning and end. Unfortunately, sometimes in life, we do not anticipate these endings. Whether the end comes in the form of divorce or death, it can be painful and difficult to find the way forward – even when we know, it’s inevitable or for the best.

At City Counseling Center, our team of counseling professionals is here to support you and your former partner (if you would like them included). We provide our clients with the support they need to find common ground and a positive path forward as you chart the course for the next chapter in your life.

Loss and Grief

The adoption process is not simple. Many adoptive parents experience significant stress when their adoption does not go through as planned. Counseling helps you navigate the emotions and feelings associated with this loss during the pre-adoption period. On the other hand, even when a positive adoption experience has taken place, adopted children may have feelings of loss or wonder “who am I?” as they grow in their identity as an adoptee. Our counselors provide support to help individuals work through their thoughts and feelings, mourn their losses, and incorporate their adoption journey into who they are.

Trust and Attachment Related Issues

Children who have experienced trauma, abuse, neglect, foster care, or congregate care settings often have challenges attaching and trusting their adoptive family. Counseling is a place where we can reestablish trust and build meaningful relationships.

Identity Formation

Who am I? Where do I come from? Why didn’t my birth parents raise me? Counseling can help adoptees understand who they are as their own person.

Family Dynamics and Adoption Adjustments

Adoptive parents sometimes experience loss and grief. Perhaps this loss is due to infertility or because adoption is not going as expected. Counseling can help the individual or the family process these emotions and experiences.

Connection to Birth Family

Do you need help telling your child they were adopted? Does your child need help to process their feelings surrounding their birth parents? Is your child searching for their birth parents? When challenges arise, therapy can help.

Pre-Adoption Trauma

Does your child have effects of early trauma in their lives? Perhaps your child has health issues, school issues, or cultural issues? A counselor can assist you and your child as they navigate through their challenges.

Depression and Anxiety

It’s not uncommon for adoptive parents to suffer from post-placement blues. From anxiety about finances, time, and effort to patience and emotional strain, the adoption process can prove challenging. Adoption support can help clients with adjustment challenges and assist with coping strategies.

Behavioral or Emotional Difficulties

Some adoptive children may develop emotional or behavioral challenges. These difficulties may come from insecurities or issues related to being adopted. Therapy can help parents and their children identify the cause of these concerns and find a positive path forward.

Blending Family Challenges

Adoption support therapy can help families work through difficulties regarding sibling acceptance and attachment with adopted children.

Other Adoption Challenges

We understand the unique concerns of single, biracial, older, and LGBTQ+ parents and those with complex blended families. We can also help with older child challenges, adjustment to new parenting roles, marital challenges, and much more.

City Counseling Center
Adoption Support

We recognize that adoption and foster care are not one-time events. These experiences impact and shape your life in a wide range of ways over time. Our counselors are here to help individuals and families affected by foster care or adoption, infertility, or blended families to find wholeness, hope, and healing. Our adoption support services are designed to meet clients where they are in their journey and tailor support services to their specific needs.

At City Counseling Center, we understand there is no “one size fits all” approach to therapy. We create an inclusive space where you will feel comfortable expressing your feelings and emotions. Our therapeutic solutions are tailored to your unique experiences and background to help you live a life where happiness and accomplishment are the focus.