Social, Emotional, and Behavioral Support for Children

Play Therapy

A welcoming and compassionate environment to inspire growth and self-expression through play. As parents and caregivers, we strive to provide our children with anything and everything in our power to help them feel safe, secure, confident, happy and valued. However, even with the best support system in place, there are times in our child’s development when we need assistance.

If you feel overwhelmed or helpless trying to resolve your child’s challenges, you are not alone. At City Counseling Center, we create a compassionate and nurturing environment for children to be heard. Leveraging research-based play therapy techniques, we work with children ages 5 and up to help them discover their strengths, find their inner voice, and grow to be the best versions of themselves.

What is play therapy?

Providing your child with a compassionate and empathetic space to feel heard is a gift that will enhance their mental health today and through the rest of their life. Play therapy empowers children to express themselves through the world of play. This specialized therapy helps children develop coping mechanisms, communication skills, social skills, and emotional understanding to help them relate to the world around them.

During play therapy sessions, children engage with their therapist through play. The therapist is an equal participant, allowing the child to direct the play and invite their therapist into their play world. Throughout the play process, children explore their complex feelings and memories through symbolic expression by using their toys/play to articulate their experiences and emotions.

Play therapy may include:

  • Games
  • Puppets
  • Books
  • Dolls/stuffed animals
  • Coloring
  • And more

Play therapy can help your child with a wide range of struggles, including:

  • Life transitions, such as death, divorce, or a newly blended family
  • Sexual or physical trauma
  • Self-control, impulsivity, and boundaries
  • Neglect or abuse
  • Low self-esteem
  • Bullying
  • Social anxiety
  • Separation anxiety
  • Anxiety
  • Aggressive behaviors
  • Grief or loss
  • Night terrors
  • Gender identification
  • Academic challenges
  • And more

Support Through
Play Therapy

If you’re feeling overwhelmed trying to conquer your child’s challenges, you are not alone. The counseling professionals at City Counseling Center are dedicated to helping your child identify and overcome the obstacles impacting their life. From behavioral challenges to processing trauma or loss, regardless of what your child is dealing with, our counselors are here to help through difficult or transitional times.

At City Counseling Center, we understand that there is no “one size fits all” approach to therapy. We create an inclusive space where your child will feel comfortable expressing their feelings and emotions. Our therapeutic approaches are unique to your child’s specific needs and goals. Our team leverages their experience and diverse backgrounds to create individualized treatment plans designed to help your child manage the ups and downs of growing up.