Therapeutic Support to Help You Through Life’s Challenges

Individual Therapy for Adults

Compassionate Care to Achieve Change – Life has challenges. From managing relationships and processing trauma to seeking fulfillment and managing financial stress, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed, unfulfilled and alone. The counselors at City Counseling Center are available so you don’t have to do that. We are here to support you on your path to a healthy, balanced and fulfilling life.

Adults come to therapy for various reasons, each with a unique challenge or goal. Whether you seek treatment during a time of crisis or are ready to dive deeper into the process of exploration and change, we can help. Whether it’s a stronger sense of self, understanding the ways trauma is/has impacted you, exploring parts of your identity (cultural, professional, sexual, and more) mitigating anxiety or depression, or building stronger relationships, by getting to the root of the problem you can create positive changes in your life.

At City Counseling Center, we believe you hold power to create positive change, joy, contentment, and peace within you. We take great pride and consideration in providing the tools to facilitate you on your journey to a more fulfilling life.

Psychotherapy for Adults

Psychotherapy, also called talk therapy, is designed to help individuals address various emotional and mental health challenges to live healthier and more fulfilling lives. Individual therapy provides a safe space to explore your thoughts, emotions, behaviors, and feelings. While everyone has a different goal for their personal experience in therapy, the general purpose of therapy is to identify problematic behaviors, inspire change, and improve quality of life through self-exploration and self-awareness.

Focused on communication, psychotherapy allows participants to discuss concerns in a non-judgemental space to get to the root cause of the obstacles impacting their quality of life and well-being.

Therapy can also help you:

  • Improve communication skills
  • Improve self-esteem and feel empowered
  • Develop fresh insights about your life
  • Learn how to make healthier decisions
  • Develop coping strategies to manage stress and other emotions

Adults often consider therapy when:

  • they need help managing a crisis
  • dealing with extended periods of depression or anxiety
  • navigating life transitions (such as divorce or death) 
  • managing complicated relationships or family dynamics
  • struggling with addiction or substance abuse
  • wanting to make changes for enhanced emotional and mental health
  • struggling with communication skills

Anyone can benefit from therapy. We understand that your life is busy and it can be hard to carve out time for yourself. However, therapy is worth the time and effort. You and your well-being are worth the time and effort. You are worth it!

At City Counseling Center, we work with adults of every age, from a wide range of backgrounds, to help them improve their mental health and quality of life.

A Welcoming & Compassionate Space to Promote Growth and Development

If you’re feeling overwhelmed with your life or you are seeking change, you are not alone. The mental health professionals at City Counseling Center are dedicated to helping you identify and overcome the obstacles impacting your happiness and wellbeing. From conquering anxiety and navigating life transitions to processing trauma or loss, we are here to help you through these challenging times regardless of what you are dealing with.

At City Counseling Center, we understand that there is no “one size fits all” approach to therapy. We create an inclusive space where you will feel comfortable expressing your feelings and emotions. Our therapeutic approaches are unique to your specific needs and goals. Our team leverages their experience and diverse backgrounds to create individualized treatment plans designed to help you live your best life.