Meet Our Staff

Christy Wang, MA, LCPC, NCC


Language Proficiency: English, Mandarin Chinese

Christy is a bilingual Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor who specializes in providing culturally sensitive services for clients with diverse backgrounds. She earned her master’s degree in community counseling at Argosy University and is currently pursuing her doctoral degree in Counselor Education and Supervision also at Argosy University.

Christy has worked as a mental health counselor in an immigrant- focused community agency and as a school counselor in a K-12 school with a diverse student population. She is experienced at providing individual and group counseling, crisis intervention, and consultation for individuals, families, and colleagues. Christy also has supervised master-level counselor students, and she served as a teaching assistant in classes such as Advanced Counseling Skills, Substance Abuse Counseling, and Diagnostic and Treatment Planning. In addition, she has presented at numerous professional conferences and workshops on topics such as cross-cultural supervision and the relationship between media and trauma. She is currently preparing to present at a workshop on workplace transition.

Christy has worked with clients from more than 14 countries, helping them make sense of their experience and use existing strength to build and thrive in adversity. She has assisted clients experiencing depression, bipolar disorder, anxiety, trauma, with psychosis, ADHD and OCD. Christy is passionate in advocating for the mental health community and is eager to help people strengthen their capacity to care for themselves and others.

A Welcoming and Compassionate Space to Promote Growth

If you’re feeling overwhelmed trying to conquer your challenges, you are not alone. The mental health professionals at City Counseling Center are dedicated to helping you identify and overcome the obstacles impacting your life. From behavioral challenges to processing trauma or loss, regardless of what you’re dealing with, we are here to help you through the difficulties.

At City Counseling Center, we understand that there is no “one size fits all” approach to therapy. We create an inclusive space where you will feel comfortable expressing your feelings and emotions. Our therapeutic approaches are unique to your specific needs and goals. Our team leverages their experience and diverse backgrounds to create individualized treatment plans designed to help you manage the ups and downs of life.