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Blended Family Support

Building Trust and Respect – Blending families brings so many blessings. However, it can also present unique challenges, especially in the beginning when everyone is adjusting. Even years after coming together, blended family members can struggle as life changes and evolves. If you’re in the midst of blending a family, guidance and support from experienced and compassionate licensed counselors may be beneficial to the success of your relationship and your family.

When two distinct family dynamics merge, or in some cases collide, it can cause a great deal of stress for the family and on your relationships with each other. In counseling, you can learn how to navigate common challenges to work together as a team. At City Counseling Center, we help individuals and families regain and maximize their ability to function and live well together.

What is a Blended Family?

A blended family refers to the new family unit that is created when partners with children from previous relationships merge together into a single-family unit. This merging of family units often creates challenges for children adjusting to new siblings and authority figures. It can also create challenges for adults too, such as learning to navigate their relationship with a stepchild and ex-spouses.

In blended family counseling, children are encouraged to communicate their opinions, feelings, and fears in a kind and respectful manner. Parents can learn how to develop, regain, or maintain a positive relationship with their children while building a new and loving bond with their stepchildren and spouse. Additionally, blended family therapy can help you discover how to communicate your concerns with your new partner and your ex-spouse in respectful and constructive ways.

Common Challenges of Blended Families

  • Deciding where to live
  • Creating and implementing standard rules and discipline 
  • Determining how the kids will address their step-parent
  • Children struggling to adjust to new siblings or step-parents
  • Frustrated parents and step-parents constantly negotiating roles
  • Merging two households, two-family cultures, and two different ways of life
  • Children sharing time between two households
  • Conflicts with your ex-partners impacting your blended family
  • Maintaining relationships with friends and family members associated with past relationships
  • Partners being driven apart by conflicting parenting styles, scheduling/routine challenges, and evolving financial obligations
  • Unresolved issues from past relationships impacting your relationship with your new partner

Blended Family Support with City Counseling Center

Your family may be larger and the relationships a bit more complicated, but blended families can be just as rewarding and rewarding as non-blended families. Whether you are a newly-formed family or have been at this for years, City Counseling Center is here to help you strengthen and develop the bonds that connect a family.

We recognize that blending your family is not a one-time event but rather an experience that evolves with each new chapter in your life. Our counselors are here to help individuals and families impacted by foster care or adoption, infertility, or blended families to find wholeness, hope, and healing. Our blended family support services are designed to meet clients where they are in their journey and tailor support services to their specific needs.

At City Counseling Center, we understand there is no “one size fits all” approach to therapy. We create an inclusive space where you will feel comfortable expressing your feelings and emotions. Our therapeutic solutions are tailored to your unique experiences and background to help you live a life where happiness and accomplishment are the focus.