Joe Anderson, MA

Joe works with children, teens, and young adults, and specializes in clients who are struggling with social isolation, loneliness, depression, and anxiety.

Melissa Prohammer, MA, LPC

Melissa Prohammer, MA, LPC, specializes in compassionate, trauma-informed counseling for older children, teens, and adults.

Alexis Santiago, LPC, MA, MS

Clients that I work with work on a variety of concerns: agency in life, healthy boundaries, socio-emotional wellness, life balance, exploration of gender and sexual identity…

Christy Wang, MA, LCPC, MCC

Christy is a bilingual Licensed Professional Counselor who specializes in providing culturally sensitive services for clients with diverse backgrounds.

Brigid Flynn, MA, LPC

Brigid has experience providing individual therapy, crisis intervention, and group therapy. Brigid is passionate about helping others and working with them to succeed and cope with life’s challenges.

Elizabeth Bruner, MA

Elizabeth brings immense experience as an educator to her work at City Counseling Center, and she is known for her enthusiasm, warmth, and effectiveness.

Anton Gleason, LCPC

Anton specializes in anxiety, depression, behavior management in children, and stress management. He is an accomplished trainer in therapeutic crisis interventions technique.

Michael Bruner, LCPC

Michael specializes in working with teens and young adults and in creating a safe space for them to manage the natural challenges of adolescence as they move towards independence.